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led bobcho'

  • f12 dmx led bobcho'

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    f12 dmx led bobcho'

    dmx rgb bobcho' SIrgh (f12) digitally addressable Segh led lighting fixture. Qam 'oH vo' ordinary led bobcho' controllable via dmx SeH pat tons. pe'el 'oH Hol SIrgh 50 bobcho' je 10 ~ 15 cm (5.90 ~ 3.94 ") spacing. tIgh 'ab according to specific jInmol Daghaj. commonly ngat...choghIjtaHghach

  • dmx led bobcho' (75x15mm)

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    dmx led bobcho' (75x15mm)

    led lighting fixture yISeH dmx 75 * 15 mm dmx rgb bobcho' Surgh. waterproof, rectangular pcb vay' botjan Hutlh creativity lighting 'angbogh Da tlhap vabDot vISangchu'Qo'chugh chaw' features Hoch bobcho'. extradinary lighting 'angbogh Da Daghaj HeghDI' tIgh diffuser chel SoH...choghIjtaHghach

  • ws2811 led bobcho' (75x15mm)

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    ws2811 led bobcho' (75x15mm)

    wov led bobcho' SIrgh decorative 75 * 15 mm physically rap je dmx version 'ach ghu'vam ws2811 waw' lighting fixture. Qapbej chu' ws2811 lighting controller je; je laH chav rgb color mode choH via dmx interface neH ghaH conversion dmx pwm decoder. SIrgh 'ej lo' law' decorative...choghIjtaHghach

  • ws2811 led bobcho' (32x32mm)

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    ws2811 led bobcho' (32x32mm)

    wov led bobcho' SIrgh decorative 32 * 32 mm physically pIm vo' 75 * 15 mm led bobcho' 'ach rap Qap chaH mIw electrically. similarly, waterproofed coverless pcb pong gel-filling. pong lutu'lu'bej ws2811 controller controllable. pagh 'oH yISeH via dmx je dmx decoder QaH....choghIjtaHghach

  • ws2811 f12 led bobcho'

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    ws2811 f12 led bobcho'

    rgb led bobcho' SIrgh ws2811 (f12) physically rap je f12 dmx bobcho' 'ach 'oH ws2811 waw' lighting fixture. chaH flexible SIrgh wov. laH chaH mIr vaj nI'qu' SIrgh 'ej vI'Iprup Daj chenmoH factor ghoS. chav rgb color mode choH pong ws2811 controller pagh vabDot pong dmx SeH...choghIjtaHghach

  • ws2811 led bobcho' (25x19mm)

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    ws2811 led bobcho' (25x19mm)

    Hoch 'e' legh rur 32 * 32 mm bobcho' yor f12 bobcho' combination ghaj ghantoH. je ws2811 waw' 'ej intelligently addressable.choghIjtaHghach

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