real poH led Controller

Product Details


Qap je video mapping software lededit, led lighting ranging vo' dot lighting linear lighting pong controller controllable.

rut mutlha'taH 8, max controllable pixel 1024 patlh qIj 'ej wov ghISDen 32 Sovbe'bogh rur; patlh qIj 'ej wov ghISDen 256 512. applicable Vas-wire chonaDmo', cha'logh vaj-wire 'ej driver Qeb. yISeH pagh nIS clk HeghDI' Dev wov Vas-wire driver Qeb rar.

tev range led lighting je pIm driver Qeb: dmx512, ws2811, ws2801, ws2803, tm1803, ucs6909 etc laH yISeH 'oH.

laH je Qap controller je wa' 'e' sd chaw' laD. DubelmoHchugh be pe' DoH HoS Hoch poH lel SoH sd chaw'.

technical Specs

HoS Consumption8W
outputrut mutlha'taH 8
signal rut mutlha'taH3-'emDaq connector
size270 * 180 * 55 mm
ngI'1.35 kg

HoS Consumption5W
outputrut mutlha'taH 8
signal rut mutlha'taH3-'emDaq connector
size272 * 194 * 48 mm
ngI'2.1 kg

connection DevwI' Online SeH Mode

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